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 ( Inscribing Thirukkural on a mountain for eternity )

  • Kuralmalai – Inscribing all the 1330 Thirukkural is the main motto of my life and have taken this with immense pleasure for more than two decades and have been tirely working on this project with the upcoming support from various sources including government of Tamilnadu. This will exactly make each and every Tamil people to be proud of our rich culture and heritage and also will educate on a worldwide note that Thirukkural is a ” WORLD BOOK ” – and the recognition for it is to happen in the coming days.
  • In 1999 Kural Malai Sangam was founded with a noble vision to inscribe all 1330 Thirukural’s in a Single mountain with its English Translations and making a “Kural Malai” standing and preserving Thirukural beyond times.  Since  then many activities were held to make this vision a grand success.


  • As per the suggestions of noble Tamil Scholars,  a Book called Thirukural Inscription  Volume 1 was released on 21.09.2014  with the necessity of preserving Thirukural and describing the vision. Noted Scholars significantly contributed to this book. This book was released at Hindusthan  Arts College, Coimbatore. Thavathiru Kumarakurubara Swamigal Kowmara Adheenam at Saravanam Patti of Coimbatore released the Book and was received by Perur Atheenam and Perur Tamil College Principal Thavathiru Maruthachala Adikalar. More than 1000 dignitaries including Dr. Nalla G. Palanichami, Chairman of Kovai Medical Centre, Coimbatore, Dr. V.G. Santhosam, Chairman of S.S.M Group of Educational Institution M.S. Mathivanan, Sindhanai Kavinger Kavithasan, Kural Chelvi Desa Mangayarkarasi, Chairman of Hindusthan Group of Educational Institution Dr. Saraswathi Kannan, Dr. Priya, The Vice Chancellor of Agricultural University, Dr. Ramasamy and many others participated. 
  • 07.02.2016, Thirukural Inscription  Volume  2 book was released with the necessity of preserving Thirukural and promoting the vision was released at  World Tamil Research Foundation, Taramani, Chennai. Thiru Siva Pillai, President of Tamil Foundation, UK, released the book  and Mr. Visakan, President of Indonesian Tamil sangam received the first issue of Volume 2. About 500 Noted Dignitaries including The Director of World Tamil Research Foundation Dr. Vijayaraghavan, Kavaliyar M.S. Mathivananan participated.
  • On 22.09.2016, the Volume 3 of this series was released at SSM College, Kumarappalayam. This volume was released by Kavaliyar M.S. Mathivananan  and received by Kavinger Kavidasan.
  • On 04-10-2017 the Volume 4 was released in Loyola College, Chennai by High Court Judge Justice Kirubakaran and High Court Judge Justice Mahadevan received the first issue. More than 500 delegates  including Dr. Vijayaraghavan, Kavaliyar M.S. Mathivananan, Kavinger Kavidasanm, Dr. V.G. Santhosam  participated. 
  • On 19.05.2019, Justice Kirubakaran released the “ Monthly Issue of Thirukural Mamalai Magazine” at the 20th anniversary of launching Kural malai at Kumbakonam on This magazine publishes articles on Thirukural and Tamil Developments.


  • On 25.01.2004, Sunday the discussion regarding Thirukural Couplets took place on at Udaygiri muthu velaayutha Swamy Temple .Teachers and Tamil interest group and public participated.
  • On 18. 11. 2004, Thursday discussion regarding KURAL Couplets took place in the Canara bank campus, Malayalam. Mr. Kannan councilor, Mr. Giriraj, Mr.Sekar and    Mr .Rasappan participated in the fruitful discussion.
  • On 25 .02.2005 Friday discussion on the seminar subject held on small Garden (Chinna Thottam) campus belonging to to Mr .Ramaswamy former village head at Emman Poondi.
  • On 11.01.2007, Thursday the mountain in Malayapalayam was inspected to find out whether it is suitable for inscription of Couplets .Also it was noted if enough space was available in the mountain. They also measured the height and width of the mountain.
  • On 22.05.2008, Thursday in Perundurai, members of the retired teachers association held a discussion about Kural Couplets .The president of the association  Mr .Ravikumar presided over the meeting.
  • On 20.10.2010, a meeting was held under the leadership form. Eengur Sethupathi treasurer of retired teachers association in Government HSS campus.
  • On 24.03.2011, Thursday another meeting discussed the subject in the Eengur HSS campus. The treasurer of association Mr. Sethupathi presided over the meeting.
  • On 22.01.2012, Sunday an important meeting discussed the kural Couplets installation at Malaya Palayam .Members of the rehabilitation Association and the president  Mr.Thangarasu participated in the meeting .They were in the trade of breaking stones for the past 500 years. The stones were exported to the district of Erode, Kovai, Nilgiris ,Karur Tirupur and Palakkad in Kerala .Also stones are exported upto Hosur. “The stone is very strong “said by the participants. The mountain is suitable for installation of KURAL Couplets.
  • On 03.11.2013, Sunday in Erode Kongu community hall witnessed a gathering of KURAL installation interest group. Mr. Ganesh,District Revenue officer, The head of sculpture research person Mr. S. Rasu, Growing Tamil organisation secretary  Mr. Appavu, Mr. Stalin the president of Tamil and Mr.Kavidasan were participated.
  • Model Kural Couplets were prepared by sculpture expert  Mr.Aravindan in January 2014.
  • On 11.02.2014, the mountain where KURAL Couplets are to be installed was inspected by Mr .Shanmugam District collector ,trainee collectors , Thasildhors, Regional officers, village administrative officers are accompanied with the collector. They Inspected the model Couplets prepared and praised them.
  • On 11.05.2014 Sunday the conference held at Malayapalayam Udaygiri Muthu Velayudham Temple showed their thoughts regarding Couplets. Mr. K.A Sengottaiyan presided over the meeting. The retired teachers and the people of locality participated in large numbers.
  • In 11.06.2014 professors of various colleges of Coimbatore gathered together to discuss the installation of Couplets. Mr.Baluswamy, principal of Hindustan College of Arts and Science presided.
  • On 03.07.2016 , First Couplet Opening Ceremony was held on the Udayagiri Muthu velayudaswamy Temple located in Malayapalayam. The first Tirukkural was inscribed on the Temple. Honourable Chennai High Court Justice R.Magadevan presided over the function. Ravikumar, Founder of Kural Malai Sangam welcomed the gathering. ISRO Director Mailasamy Annathurai Innagurated the First Couplet. Sindanai Kavingar Kavidasan, Director of the Pollachi Dr Mahalingam, Translation Institute Sirpi Balasubramaniam, Kumarapalayam SS Madivanan and many others participated.
  • 05.04.2018 The Tamilnadu Government Appreciated the Kural Malai Proceedings and Gave “Tamil Chemmal” Award to the Founder of Kural Malai Mr. P.Ravikumar for the year 2017.
  • On 14-07-2017 Justice Kirubaharan of High Court of Chennai inaugurated the               Kural malai Celebrations at Pollachi Mahalingam Arangam of O.P.R. Group of Institutions at Vadalur. Noted dignitaries include Thiru Sankar Vanavarayar, President, Secretary Dr. R. Selvaraj, of Sudha Sanmarka Nilayam College,  G. Santhisam, Kavingar Kavidasan, Thiru.M.S. Mathivanan, and Thiru.Sam of France.
  • On 04-08 2018 , a Special Tamil Interaction was organized by Kural Malai Sangam with Aringer Se. Rasu. The importance of inscribing Thirukural has been discussed by many Scholars like Thiru.Raman,Director, Indian Archeological Department, Thiru.Sri Raman, The Keeladi Excavation Researcher Thiru.Vedhachalam, Madurai  Archeology Researcher Mr. Sarangan, Kodumanal Researcher  Ramachandran and Many others.
  • On 11.12.18, Barathi Vizha was celebrated under the auspices of Kural malai Sangam and Tamil Department of Sri Sakthi Kailash College of Arts and Sciences. Thru Siva Pillai of London University, The Secretary and Professors of the college about 500 participated.
  • On 12.12.2018 An International Conference on Thiurukural was organized at Thindal Vellalar College, Erode. Dr. Siva Pillai, Sindhanai Kavinger Kavidasan and many others participated.
  • 27-06-2018 In continuation of all these noble efforts a documentary was screened at the World Thirukural Conference held at  Liverpool University in London. The Vision and Mission of Kuralmalai Sangam was well received by the participants. Knowing the news about Kural Malai Sangam, Honourable Vice President of Mauritius, Thiru Paramasivam Pillai Vaiyapuri visted Kural Malai. He was moved by the efforts of the Kural malai Team and expressed his happiness and desire to see Tamil as the most renounced Language of the world. He invited the Kural Malai Sangam to propagate the same in a Tamil League Forum at Mauritius.
  • On his invitation the Founder President of Kural malai Sangam visited Mauritius and shared the importance of the Thirukural inscription and making a Kuralmalai. The participants took a vow to help this Endeavour and realize Kural Malai.
  • On 18-02-19 the former director of UNESCO and Former Education Minister of Maurutias Thiru Arumugam Parasuraman held a broad discussion with the Kural Malai Sangam.
  • On 28-01-2019 Kural Malai Sangam organized an International Conference along with the SSM Group of Institutions and Tamil Iyakkam of VIT University and Vedha Foundations, USA.  The Founder of VIT Dr. Viswanathan, NASA Scientist Odiv Yani participated.
  • On 27-02-2019 a Conference on Kural Malai Sangam was organized at PSG Krishnammal College. More than 1000 students participated. Prizes were distributed to winners of Various competitions.
  • On 25-02.2019 The World Tamil Research Organization Chennai and Kural Malai Sangam honoured 27 Tamil Scholars as “Tamil Semmal” at the Mupperum Vizha. The award recipients include Dr. V.G. Santhosam and many.
  • On 03.2019 a Book named  Idhayam Vendra Indhiya Payanam was released in the Russia Cultural Centre, Chennai.  The Book was written by Mr. Chezian on the Indian visits experience of the Mauritius Vice President. The founder of Kural Malai Sangam Thiru.Ravikumar gave a special address on Kuralmalai at this function.
  • On 27-03-19 The Marutius Vice President became the member of Kural malai Sangam.
  • On05-2019 The Founder President of Kural Malai Sangam was honoured by  Thiruvalluvar Award at Kanyakumari  by  Tamil Annai Sangam.
  • On 07-07-2019 A Conference on Kural Malai was organized at Tiruchi. Hundreds of participants including Thiru Durai Sathaan from US hailed kural Malai through their compositions and Lyrics.
  • The Founder of Kural Malai Sangam Thiru Ravikumar was honoured with 5 awards between 13-18 -7.2019.
  • On 31-07-2019 at the International Conference on Thirukural, Sydney of Australia The Founder of Kural Malai Ravikumar presented a research paper on Thirukural.             A documentary on Kural Malai Sangam was Screened at this conference. The Australian Tamil Scholars were very much inspired and they assured of inscribing 10 kural from their country. They also expressed their interest to inscribe similar efforts at Australia at least 10 kural. Kural Malai Sangam decided to extend the inscription to Australia and interested countries abroad after completing the Kural Malai at Erode.
  • On 20-09-2019 a grand Rally to complete the inscription before 3 months was organized by Kural malai Sangam. More than 3000 Volunteers comprising Secretaries and Principals, teachers, Scholars, and Students of various institutions participated in the rally. The Erode Collector has assured his best assistance and said he too is dreaming of the great completion ceremony.
  • On 24-09 2019 the Founder President Mr. Ravikumar Presented the need to inscribe Thirukural in Kuralmalai at Delhi UNESCO Auditorium. The participants conveyed their support and interest for this noble cause.
  • Miles to Go before Kural Malai is Completed : Miles to Go after Completing the Kural Malai.
  • Let us Join our Hands For this Noble Cause to Save the Humanity in this Globe in Future.


  • 05.04.2018 “Tamil Chemmal Award” Awarded by Honorable Chief Minister Of Tamilnadu Edapaadi K.Palanisamy at Secretariat at Chennai.
  • 15.07.2019 “Tamil Kaavalar Award“ Awarded by Vellalar Womens College at Erode.
  • 29.07.2019 “Thirukkural Semmal Award” Awarded by Ponnambala Adikalaar at Chennai.
  • 12.05.2019 “Thiruvalluvar Award” Awarded by Tamil Annai Tamil Sangam at Kanyakumari.
  • 18.02.2018 “Madhippuru Tamizhan Award” Awarded by Assistant Chief Minister of Tamilnadu O.Paneer Selvam and T.Sandhrasekaran IAS at Chennai.
  • 16.07.2019 “Kural Paadhukavalar Award” Awarded by Tamil Literature Review Center at Erode.
  • 12.12.2018 “Thirukkural Sirpi Award” Awarded By Tamil Department of Vellalar Womens College at Erode.
  • 01.03.2018 “Thiruvalluvar Award” Awarded by Vice President of Mauritius Paramasivam P.Vyapoori, at SSM College Kumarapalayam.
  • 31.07.2019 “Contribution on Conference Award “ Awarded by University Of Sydney, Institute of Asian Studies, International Thirukkural Foundation, Given at Australia .
  • 24.09.2019 “Participation on Conference Certificate” given by Institute of Asian Studies and International Thirukkural Foundation, given at New Delhi.